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Arkansas Places 5th in Crappie Lakes Top 50

Jul 26, 2013 - Crappie are abundant in Arkansas waters, their meat is sweet to eat, and they're generally considered the second-most popular sport fish in Arkansas behind bass. Many Arkansas fishermen, however, would be willing to argue the point.

Fishhound recently ranked the top 50 crappie lakes in the U.S. Arkansas placed fifth on the 2013 list:

  • Lake Dardanelle at No. 9
  • Nimrod Lake at No. 12
  • Lake Conway at No. 39
  • Lake Greeson at No. 40
  • Lake Hamilton at No. 48

Two species of crappie — black and white — are found in Arkansas, according to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. Here's more from Game & Fish on fishing for crappie in Arkansas:

Crappie fishing is a bit more advanced than bream fishing or catfishing, but it’s still an exiting way to spend a day on the water. Crappie tend to gather close to cover in deep water, except in spring when they move shallow to spawn. Two species of crappie are found in Arkansas, and both are excellent as table fare...
...Crappie usually spawn at the same time dogwood trees are blooming. This is the best time to find a lot of crappie around shallow brush and trees. Once the spawn ends, they move out to deep water where only people in [hopefully War Eagle] boats can get to them, but a few stragglers are always in relatively shallow water.

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