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5 Tips for Enjoyable Summer Fishing

5 Tips for Enjoyable Summer Fishing

5 Tips for Enjoyable Summer Fishing

The Spring spawning frenzy is over, the kids are out of school, and everybody is at the lake.

So, how does a diehard get in some enjoyable summer fishing under these conditions? — these 5 tips can help you navigate the perils of summer.

Hit Your Out-of-the-Way Fishing Spots

Summer is a great time to hit those fishing spots that not too many people know about. Small lakes and ponds produce some great fishing, and you could have them all to yourself.

These little honey holes are a great place to bank fish for Bream or Catfish and not even worry about the boat.

Stay Cool and Be the Early Bird 

Even with scorching hot days, from time to time, the temperature will break at night and the next morning, before the sun gets high, is a pleasant and quiet time to be out. 

If you get out there before first light, you can be home in the AC with a nice mess of fish, cleaned and ready for the fryer, before it’s sweltering hot.

Avoid the Main Lake Traffic

If you’re tied to the big lake for some reason — you have a cabin or condo and your boat is in the slip, etc. — then consider this. 

Lots of big boats at high speeds can cause waves worse than wind or severe weather. Avoid this hazard by staying in the back of deep coves where the fishing can still be good without the ruckus.

Take the Usual Precautions if You’re in the Sun

We all know about sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, but in order to really enjoy your summer fun time, read this comprehensive article from the CDC and make sure you stay safe.

And if you’re bank fishing that secret out of the way spot, don’t forget about protection from nature’s other dangers — snakes, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos. 

At least one or two of these are a concern in most climate zones in the US.

Make Sure Your Boat Is in Top Shape

Keep your boat tuned up and all your safety gear up to date. Summer is notorious for fast-moving pop-up thunderstorms. Being stranded in blistering heat waiting for a tow is no fun either. You want to be able to get on the move whenever it’s needed. 

Bonus Tip:

Jul 10, 2022 - Just remember when these nuisances start to make you mad — it won’t be long until you can complain about not having enough time to split between hunting and fishing. Ah, spectacular Fall!

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