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About Us

War Eagle Boats has built a reputation of having the toughest boats on the water.  All War Eagle models are built using all welded aluminum and the wings transom design that creates superior handling, even in choppy waters.

Since 1992, War Eagle Boats have been a force in the duck hunting industry providing customers with the best camo paint jobs in the business.  Each boat is individually painted using a tested process that produces HD camo results that blend perfectly with your environment.  Through our partnership with Ducks Unimited, War Eagle has donated over a million dollars to waterfowl conservation.  We want the next generation to enjoy the hunt as much as we do.  

Our Predator and VS models are quickly becoming popular with crappie guides and pro anglers throughout the south.  These models are loaded with all the features you need to pull in a cooler of crappie.  

If you are looking for a boat that can fish as hard as it hunts, then check out our Blackhawk series.  These models come fully loaded and are built on an 18°V hull that not only provides a smoother ride but will keep you dry.  The best feature of the Blackhawk is that the layout can be customized with either a side or center console, each with an impressive list of standard equipment.  

Whether you are in the market for a duck boat, a fishing boat or a boat that can be both look no further than War Eagle Boats.  Give us a call at 870-367-1554 or visit a local authorized War Eagle dealer today.