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Duck Hunting as Both Awe-inspiring and Hilarious

Duck hunting, of course, is as much about bonding and tradition than it is shooting birds. Well, the thrill of ducks descending on a honey hole and falling like mana from the sky…that’s hard to beat.


But it’s hard to beat duck hunting as a tradition with family and friends, where relationships are grown, strengthened and sometimes even begun.


Arkansas Wild digs into just that dynamic in its latest Duck Blind Confessional by John McClendon. John writes about taking family, friends and colleagues hunting for the first time and notes how the experience can be both awe-inspiring and hilarious.


Good stuff. An excerpt:

It’s a special experience to take someone on their first hunt. Even the crustiest old hunter isn’t immune to the enthusiasm and excitement. There’s a special magic that occurs in someone the first time they see mallards cupping around hard. An epiphany takes place as colorful wings slash through bluebird skies, and a sense of wonder develops at the athleticism of a water-bound retriever’s pure passion and purpose. Every time, it’s as if the newly minted hunter has found some vital piece of life itself they hadn’t even known was missing. 

Many of the folks I’ve taken hunting have found themselves similarly awestruck. Those hunts generally ended with smiles and high-fives—but there were a few that got off to a rough start.

I’ve lost count of the decoys sunk by the careless shots of over-enthusiastic guests. One fellow even shot one of my MoJo Duck motorized spinning wing decoys. The wings of the capsized decoy were still slightly turning when he shot it a second time. I guess he didn’t want it getting away.

Dec 20, 2018 -

Read the whole thing right here, and enjoy.

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