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7 Tips for Late Season Ducks

Dec 20, 2013 - Duck season heads into the home stretch as we approach the new year, but that doesn’t mean your focus has to wane. There's still plenty of time to hit the water, and Ducks Unlimited has 7 tips for getting those late season ducks.

Smart hunters, of course, put themselves in position to get them in a War Eagle ducktoon, which provides a stable shooting platform, flip-out front fence, fold-out steps on both ends and much more. Or, they do so in War Eagle marshtoon, the floating blind that takes you right where the ducks are.

Read the full DU post here, and here's an excerpt from the post and a rundown of those 7 tips:

It's the fourth quarter and the game is wearing long. Energy levels are waning, equipment is broken, but the outcome of the "contest" still hangs in the balance. A good final effort can tilt the game in your favor, and fortunately, there's plenty of time left to build on the score.

  • Move to big rivers
  • Less is more when calling late season ducks
  • Keep a hole open after freeze-up
  • Switch to a small, lifelike spread
  • Go overboard with natural camouflage
  • Adjust decoys for late season divers
  • Keep your shotgun clean and dry

Happy hunting, and don’t forget War Eagle when it comes to your floating blinds and accessories.

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