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Dog Days of Summer? Try Graceland

Dog days of summer got you staying off the water? For those within driving distance, a trip to Graceland in Memphis makes for a great mini-vacation.

Aug 5, 2019 - Plus, you can swing by the Memphis Bass Pro Shop in the iconic Pyramid on the Mississippi, and maybe even dip a pole in the water. But Graceland is a bucket-list thing for any American. For that matter, any Elvis fan. 

And of course, it is true Americana. Elvis fandom is not a prerequisite to a fulfilling experience, but perhaps a result. Graceland is at once shrine to the late, great “king of rock and roll” and authentic American history museum offering a snapshot into what became a global, mid-20th century cultural revolution. 


“Graceland” is a theme park of sorts, yes – across the street from the mansion are Elvis’ planes, cars, Elvis-themed restaurants and gift shops. But more importantly, it remains Elvis’ home after all these years. His imprint is etched into the walls, into the very fabric of the place. And it speaks to people from all over the world. 


On my family’s visit, we encountered people from Asia, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia and Latin America. It was crowded but we never had to wait long, and what wait we did experience was worth it. Once inside the house, visitors are guided through the interior at a leisurely pace by none other than John Stamos, who provides detailed information on each room via iPad slideshow. (Both iPads and earbuds are provided as part of the tour.)


Elvis fan? Graceland should be on the ol’ bucket list. Not really into the king? It’s still a worthwhile trip. 

Interested? More information is available at Graceland.com.

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