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AGFC Goes Over Lake Overcup

Land surveyors from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, or their representatives, have begun marking and refurbishing the boundary line around Lake Overcup in Conway.


The AGFC staff’s responsibility to the public is to protect all lands owned or managed by the Commission and the state. Clearly marking the boundary lines of Commission-owned lands allows for public access, proper management and helps to prevent timber trespass and encroachment issues. The boundary line around Lake Overcup is being marked and refurbished in the same manner as other Commission-owned lakes around the state and in accordance with the AGFC Boundary Specifications Manual.


Tom Bly, AGFC district fisheries supervisor, said, “We receive numerous inquiries every year from adjacent landowners, anglers, potential home buyers and real estate companies regarding the location of the Commission boundary line around Lake Overcup.”


Bly said that because the boundary is not currently marked, the majority of the inquiries require a site visit from the District 10 habitat biologist, who is responsible for administering the AGFC’s policies on land use around Commission lakes in the district.


“Many times it takes an additional site visit with one of the Commission’s two land surveyors to locate the boundary,” Bly said. “We cannot always respond to these inquiries in as timely a manner as we would like due to other responsibilities and commitments in the district. Marking the boundary will allow the public to ascertain the boundary line.”


The land surveyors are tasked with recovering every corner and noting any that are missing. They will mark each corner with a pin flag (a metal wire with a 2-inch square flag attached) or a wooden stake with flagging. As they recover the corners, they will set a metal post with a small AGFC sign attached where the adjoining lines/lot lines meet the AGFC boundary. The posts will be set where they are visible from one to the next but not at every lot line.


Express instructions have been given to not set posts directly behind houses.


Surveyors also will be refurbishing any previously painted line trees and bearing trees. The surveyors also will make note of and locate any suspected encroachments.


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Sep 5, 2019 -  

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