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Keep Your Tackle Box Handy For Winter Fishing

The summer and early fall heat has finally abated and Halloween has passed, but the changing seasons don’t mean fishermen have to take a break.


The Mountain Home blog https://enjoymountainhome.com/ points out the joys of winter fishing in Arkansas. Check out a few of the things people are saying:


“While many hit the waters of Lake Norfork, Bull Shoals Lake, White River and Norfork River, few realize that some of the best fishing in these waters happens in the winter. The cooler water encourages these fish to breed, and with fewer fishermen on and in the water, competition for them is next to none."


“Winter fishing in Arkansas draws in the hardy fisherman with plentiful supplies of all sorts of freshwater fish. Striper fishing, trout fishing, rainbow trout fishing and bass fishing yield patient fishermen with plentiful catches to enjoy cooked over an open flame at the campfire. Winter fishing in Arkansas may be one of the area's best kept secrets."


“Perhaps the most common fishing in Arkansas, bass fishing, satiates even the most hungry fisherman, both with the satisfying experience and commune with nature and with a flavorful catch. Bass fishing may be the most popular because just about everyone can enjoy it. Bass can be caught from those fishing along the banks, but most prefer to purchase a bass boat to work the waters."


“Striper fishing and bass fishing are the most popular types of fishing in this area because they are really plentiful in Lake Norfork and Bull Shoals Lake."


“Winter fishing in Arkansas includes rainbow trout fishing. Trout love the cooler water. Trout fishing in White River and Norfork River is both relaxing and rewarding as the trout are plentiful and the normally elusive rainbow trout make regular appearances in the river as well as in tailwaters of Bull Shoals Lake and Norfork Lake."


“Anyone wishing to catch a great wall trophy fish will find that a snap here where record sized fish are in abundance. Fishing in Arkansas year round is a great activity the entire family can enjoy, but if you are looking for some peace and quiet, winter fishing in Arkansas can provide the solitude to reset."


“Whatever your pleasure, our beautiful clear lakes are waiting for you.”

Nov 5, 2019 -  

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