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With Assist, Spring Fishing Is Solid In State

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission technicians and biologists are continuing their \ efforts to enhance the fishing experience for the state’s anglers, despite the limits on social interaction caused by the coronavirus.

The AGFC Fisheries Divisionis performing work that will enhance the fishing in various spots around Arkansas:

* The staff sprayed herbicide at Lake June in southwest Arkansas to combat alligator weed and other aquatic vegetation crowding the shoreline. This will open up more bank fishing opportunities in the coming weeks, especially around the boat launch and Dr. Maya Angelou Memorial Park.

* The Rural Development Authority of Columbia County, on AGFC advice, has begun spraying for giant salvinia in Lake Columbia. The effort will not be a problem for fishing and, in fact, fishing is reportedly good at Lake Columbia. South-central fisheries staff spent the last few days of March sampling at the lake. Electrofishing catch rates were slightly above the 10-year average. More than 5% of the bass collected were longer than 20 inches and one out of every three fish was more than 16 inches long. Fish were scattered, which was similar to what AGFC biologists saw on Lower White Oak Lake. Staff also noted several large redear had moved up into shallower water earlier than normal. Reports from local anglers suggest the fish are biting well at Columbia.

* In the first full week of the month, AGFC biologists conducted an electrofishing sample on Lower White Oak Lake. Catch rates were lower than average since the renovation, but more than 10% of the fish collected were more than 20 inches long. The lower catch rate is likely because of the changing weather conditions this spring, leading the AGFC staff to see slightly fewer fish than normal. Fish were scattered, with some appearing to have spawned weeks ago while others were just starting to pair up. 

* AGFC Fisheries District 1 in northwest Arkansas reported that white bass fishing is good on tributaries of Beaver Lake. White bass can be found in good numbers in the upper White River and on War Eagle Creek by War Eagle Mill on Beaver Lake. Don’t forget that the smaller tributaries can have a white bass run as well (Prairie and Indian creeks).

Apr 24, 2020 -  

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