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Dean Stroman on Landing Early-Spring Big Bass

Feb 21, 2014 - It’s time to start thinking bass. Big bass. Early spring is the right time for big bass, and War Eagle, of course, can help get you to the right spots.

Professional guide Dean Stroman at Bass Resource shares some of his tips for landing those early-spring big bass.

An excerpt:

Early spring bass fishing is big bass time. Nationwide, most of the big bass will be caught between February and May. During spring, the spawning instinct causes fish to move from deep to shallow water to spawn. When big bass move shallow they are easier to catch because you can present a lure more effectively in the strike zone in shallow water than you can in deep water.

The time is now, but where and how are you going to catch it? It seems that the same group of anglers, year in and year out, catch big bass. What is their secret? Do they fish a secret lure, or are they just plain lucky, or a combination of these? Anytime you put a big bass in the boat; luck plays a big part. You can, however, produce your own luck.

Read the full post here, and good luck...

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