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Sherwood Bass Club Classic Championship

Sherwood Bass Club Classic Championship

Sherwood Bass Club Classic Championship Beckons 

Fame, recognition, and cash prizes are on the line as the Sherwood Bass Club Tournament series ends. The upcoming tournament on Saturday, September 16th, is the last installment of the 8-part series. It paves the way to the season-ending 2-day Classic Championship on the 14th and 15th of October 2023 at an undisclosed location. 

The 2023 classic will be a lake tournament in line with the club's guidelines. Classics that fall on even number years are river tournaments while falling on odd number years are lake tournaments.  

The Sherwood Bass Club Classic Championship is the holy grail of its bass fishing tournament. The winners earn the coveted Team of the Year Award title, which carries $1,500 in cash prizes, trophies, and signature jackets. 

Merit-Based Eligibility for the Classic

The last tournament of the series is significant because it determines eligibility for the Classic and rank placement. Only the teams that have participated in five or more tournaments in the series are eligible for the Classic. At least 25 teams must participate in the 2-day Classic event. 

Teams that fished in three or four tournaments have until the last tournament to secure a slot. The club allows teams one tournament buy-in if they pay for it before the September tournament. The entire amount collected from the buy-ins goes toward the Classic cash prizes. 

Hefty Rewards 

All teams qualifying for the Classic Championship receive cash prizes on day one. The payout is prorated on the weight of the team’s day one catch in ounces. The big bass winner gets 10% of the Classic’s entry fee. 

Only the top 10 teams, as per the September tournament rankings, proceed to the second day of the Classic. The teams carry over their weight from the previous day, and the team with the highest cumulative weight on day two is declared the winner. 

The top four finishes in the Classic finale win cash prizes. The payout is $1,000 for the winning team, $600 for the runner-up, $400 for third place, and $200 for the fourth-placed team. The day two big bass pays out $100. 

During the club's annual meeting, Sherwood Bass Club features the Big Bass of the Year and Team of the Year with cash prizes and awards. To ensure fairness, bass caught during the Classic doesn't count during these awards. The Team of the Year gets two trophies, embroidered jackets, and a $500 cash prize.

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