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Fish “N” Stuff Extreme Team Championship Beckons

Fish “N” Stuff Extreme Team Championship Beckons

The 2023 Fish ‘N’ Stuff Extreme Team Championship

Two new boats and cash prizes are up for grabs in the upcoming Fish ‘N’ Stuff Team Championship. The recent event, wrapping up on Sunday, 3rd September, marked the last of a five-part series. This sets the stage for the two-day grand finale on October 8-9 at Blue Shoals.

Anglers vie for higher tournament standings, aiming for the coveted Angler of the Year (AOY) title. The winning team stands to win a new boat and $4,000 in cash. A lucky draw will determine the winners of the remaining boat.   

Hard-fought Championship Positions 

Securing a championship position hinges on this season-ending tournament. To qualify for the grand finale, teams need to participate in at least four of five tournaments in the series. A team must fish in at least two tourneys, as the rules only allow two tournament buy-ins without fishing. 

Only teams that have paid the full registration fee for all five tournaments are eligible for the boat giveaway. Besides the $200 membership fee, each tournament attracts a $300 entry fee. Participants accumulate points across the entire season, including the championship, and the team with the highest cumulative points emerges victorious. 

Brutal Championship Rules 

To compete, all participants must possess a valid Arkansas fishing license and may only use rods and reels. Live baiting, trolling, long-lining, and strolling baits are prohibited, but anglers may use liquid attractants. Participants may not cast multiple rods simultaneously—they must cast and retrieve a line before casting the next one. 

For weigh-in, only live black bass—largemouth, spotted, or smallmouth—hooked through the mouth and exceeding 12 inches qualify. Teams face a five-fish limit. Exceeding this risks disqualification. Any dead fish attracts a half-pound penalty, while short fish aren’t weighed. Any team that culls a dead fish will be disqualified. 

There are two official checkpoints—morning and afternoon—and any team that misses one will be disqualified. A late arrival at a checkpoint attracts a pound-per-minute deduction. Any team over 15 minutes late for the check-in will forfeit the day’s catch. If a team is crowned the AOY despite being disqualified from a previous tournament, it will forfeit the winnings. 

Bountiful Rewards 

The highest-scoring team clinches the Angler of the Year title, $4,000 in cash, and a new Bass Cat fishing boat. The runner-up will win a $2,000 cash prize. One randomly drawn championship team will also win a new boat. 

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