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Rox Team Trail Winter Series

Rox Team Trail Winter Series

Rox Team Trail Winter Series Set for Table Rock 

Anglers to battle for guaranteed $1,000 first place and $250 first big bass finish as the Rox Team Trail Winter Series continues. The upcoming tournament on Sunday, December 10th, 2023, on Lake Table Rock is the second of a five-part series that culminates in a classic championship in April 2024. 

The tourney is open to all anglers, and contestants can conveniently register by filling out an online form. There's a one-off $50 membership fee and a recurring $150 boat fee per tournament. Safe light is at 7 A.M., and a weigh-in at 3 P.M. at the Roaring River Ramp. 

 Rox Team Trail Winter Series Tourney Rules 

All contestants must follow the Rox Outfitters Team Trail Tournament Official Rules. While a team comprises two anglers, an angler may fish alone if they pay the $150 boat entry fee. Contestants younger than 18 may not fish alone and must be accompanied by a parent or an adult older than 21. A team with two anglers must fish together for at least four tournaments to qualify for the no-entry April classic. 

Except for pork trails, only artificial baits are permitted during the tournament. Live baits or trolling are prohibited, but Alabama and umbrella rigs are permissible. 

Although the winter series is a bass fishing event, only three bass species—largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass—are eligible for weigh-in. There's a five-fish limit per boat, and all bass caught in the tournament must be alive and at least 15" long. Contestants may cull short fish as they cull but may not weigh them—any attempt to weigh a short fish will result in a one-pound penalty. 

Contestants may not cull a dead fish, but weigh-in a dead fish attracts a half-pound deduction from their total catch. A dead fish isn't eligible for big bass. 

Late arrivals at the 3 P.M. Roaring River ramp weigh-in will attract a stiff one-pound-per-minute penalty. Any team over 15 minutes late for the weigh-in will be disqualified. 

The team with the heaviest day catch will be crowned winner and is guaranteed a cash prize of at least $1,000. The big bass of the tournament will get a $250 cash prize. Turnout will determine the number of winners feted at each tournament in the series, offering 100% payback for big bass and 90% for the tournament. 

Winners of the tournament will be ranked by their accumulative catch weight and will compete for the angler of the year (AOY) prizes at the classic championship. 

All bass caught during this catch-and-release tournament remains the tournament director's property and must be released immediately following the weigh-in.

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