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Trader Bill’s Tournament Trail Promises Huge Rewards

Trader Bill’s Tournament Trail Promises Huge Rewards

Trader Bill’s Tournament Trail Races Towards the Season Finale  

Anglers will compete for higher rankings in the Trader Bill’s Tournament Trail fishing event for a chance to win a Vexus AVX Bass Boat. The upcoming bass fishing event is on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at Lake Ouachita. It is the last of three events leading to a championship in June. With a $15,000 guaranteed cash prize, it has the largest payout in Arkansas.  

The Trader Bill’s sponsored event is open to all fishing enthusiasts. To join, anglers can register in person at Trader Bill’s Hot Springs or Little Rock, or submit an online application. There’s a $300 tournament fee and a $200 membership fee for each team. Contestants can pay their fees at the store or online, and all credit card payments carry a $10 handling fee. 

All applications and fees are due by 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, April 10, 2024. Entries after the deadline will attract a $25 late fee. First-time participants must attend an orientation session and pay the membership and tournament fees.  

Trader Bill’s Tournament Trail Rules 

All contestants must follow the TBTT tournament rules. Trader Bill’s reserves the right to disqualify anyone who flaunts the rules. A team consists of two registered members, and each party must champion the highest sportsmanship and conservation standards. 

Only conventionally caught count during the 3:00 p.m. weigh-in, and contestants may only use artificial lures or pork trails. Eligible bass species are largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. This is a catch-and-release fishing tourney. 

There’s a five-fish limit per team. Each bass presented during weigh-in must measure at least 12 inches long. Short fish will not count, and teams will suffer a pound deduction for each undersized fish presented. 

Teams must present their bass alive in a provided water-filled bag at the weigh-in. One dead fish per team is allowed with a half-pound penalty. 

The team with the heaviest catch wins. Points are awarded down the line—200 points for first place, 199 for second, and so on. The team that presents the biggest fish will carry the Big Bass title but doesn’t guarantee the top overall positions. 

Complaints must be in writing within 10 minutes of weighing their catch. A five-member committee elected for the tournament will decide on these issues. All participants must consent to a polygraph test.

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