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Tips for Fishing Football Season

Aug 31, 2015 - Ready or not, fall is upon us. In the South, summer will hang on to eventually set in a blaze of glory, but September means back to school and college football. Of course, it also means lots more room on rivers and lakes on Saturdays. Pro bass fisherman Gerald Swindle loves football, and he shares some tips for fishing during football season with BassResource.com.

A sample:

Late October

What to Watch: Georgia vs. Florida and Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma How to Catch ‘Em: “It’s spinnerbait time, and there ain’t a more fun lure out there at this time of year. After fishing slow and deep all summer long, I finally get to go to the back of a creek and cast a spinnerbait,” says Swindle. “I’m throwing a spinnerbait to match the shad they’re feeding on, and I’m not expecting to catch a school of 5-pounders, but I know I’m going to catch a bunch of fish, with a few 3 or 4-pounders mixed in. You can catch them from a wide variety of habitat, ranging from laydown trees to rip rap.”

Equipment Notes: 20-pound Sunline shooter spooled on Quantum SL100SPT 6.3:1 Smoke reel.

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