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Fly Fishing on Christmas Island

Nov 30, 2015 - Could a body of land claim a better name? This particular Christmas Island isn't located in the Arctic Sea, though, an shipping outpost for Santa. The Christmas Island known to anglers worldwide is a South Pacific atoll famed for its fly fishing. A river may run through it, so the story goes, but fly fishing isn’t exclusive to the mountains.

Here's more from Yellow Dog on this fishing paradise:

Located in the South Pacific, equidistant between Hawaii and New Zealand, sits Kiritimati Island - the largest atoll in the world long-known to anglers as "Christmas Island." Not to be confused with the Territory of Australia "Christmas Island," Kiritimati is a remote and largely-undeveloped island that is part of a long island chain that makes up the country of Kiribati. It takes a bit of time to get here, but once you arrive, you find a saltwater wilderness area that is absolutely massive: an area that is home to impressive numbers of bonefish, milkfish, triggerfish, giant trevally, golden trevally and several other species. The interior and exterior flats of Christmas Island are a mix of hard white sand, coral, and turtle grass, creating the ideal setting for wade fishing enthusiasts.

Yellow Dog, of course, is one of several outfits offering excursions to Christmas Island. While it would be difficult to tow your War Eagle boat to Kiritimati, we'll forgive you if you get the chance to do some fly fishing on Christmas Island. Just be sure to send us a postcard.

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