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Fishing for Pre-spawn Bass

Here's more from World Fishing Network:

Fishing for February pre-spawn bass can seem to be difficult to an angler expecting to catch a lot of fish. However anglers expecting fewer but larger quality bass will be content until the days become longer and the warmer sunnier days begin to increase the water temperature closer to spring. Toward the later part of February and on into early March warming trends bring changes to the behavior of the bass.  

The sluggish, lethargic fish begin to move as they seek out warmer water. Once the water temperature rises from the low 40?s up to 50, 55 and up to the 60 degree range, bass will begin moving, becoming more active with each passing day. This slow warming trend and longer days with more sunlight help the bass know when to begin to move toward the spawning areas. However a cold front will send bass back into the deeper water. 

The cold front also means they will feed less as they move to and from the shallows to their deep lairs, waiting until the water temperature maintains 60 degrees. Once this happens, the bass will start moving in to spawn and this is when the bass will be hungry. 

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