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Early spring fishing tips

Tips for Fishing Early Spring
It may still feel like winter in some parts, but spring is just around the corner, and for many outdoorsmen that means getting back out on the water.

Made Man has some tips for early spring fishing and using the cool temperatures to your advantage.

A sample:

Fish as much as possible. The best early spring fishing tip is to get out on the water whenever you can. The old saying that the worst day of fishing is better than the best day of work applies regardless of the season.

Watch the forecast. Watching the weather might seem like an odd fishing tip, but it is very important in early spring fishing. Anglers who are forced to pick certain days to fish should look for unseasonably warm days and approaching weather changes to hit the water during peak fishing time.

Go small and slow. Anglers should move to smaller lures that are fished slower in the early spring for maximum appeal. Cold water means sluggish fish that might be reluctant to put up the fight to strike a large prey fish, but will often scoop up the small and slow.

Seek the sun. Anglers should keep an eye on the sun and find shallow water. The bright sun will quickly warm early spring water in the shallows, and this will attract fish.

Read the full post here, and have fun shaking off the winter rust. 

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