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Clark Wendlandt on Launching His Career

Aug 15, 2016 - FLW pro angler Clark Wendlandt blogs that the decision to turn pro was solidified he won a regional and qualified for the 1992 All-American on the Arkansas River at Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The thing about that tournament was a lot of guys were counting on moving water, and the water didn’t run that day. I was fishing out of the current in an oxbow, so moving water was not necessary for me. I ended up catching more than 15 pounds flipping shallow cover with a Texas-rigged craw to come from behind and win by only 7 ounces.

I’ll never forget that tournament. Not only was it my first big win, and the money from that and the regional gave me the security to go pro, but it was the tournament itself. I’ll always consider that one of the hardest tournaments to win. Just to fish in it you have to be a great angler. It’s hard to get into, and even harder to win.

Then there is the challenge of trying to focus, knowing what’s at stake. Most guys who fish the All-American realize if they win it, it will springboard them forward to becoming a pro. It certainly did that for me.

Read Weldlandt’s full post here.

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