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Locating Summer Bass

Jun 22, 2016 - The transition of bass from spawning flats to “deep water summer hangouts” can result in a lot of anglers motoring around the lake in search mode.

The folks at Berkley Fishing have some ideas about how to take advantage of that summertime transition and locate those big groups of bass.

June is normally what we consider a transition month for bass. The transition we're referring to is the movement of bass from their spawning flats to their deep-water summer hangouts. Knowing that these often big groups of bass are heading toward deeper water and what areas and bait to key on can be the difference between locating and catching a limit every day and just wasting expensive gasoline as you motor around the lake looking.

At the start of the summer transition, you have to figure out how late the spring was and how cold it has been on that lake. Sometimes during June the fish are just starting to move out of spawning coves and might not yet be out on the main lake depending on how far south you fish. Main-lake points and humps are the places you want to find. June is an excellent time of year to catch bass on these main-lake points because they've started schooling up. They are still trying to heal up from the spawn so they are eating well; they are almost always focusing on shad as forage. Whatever kind of shad may be in your favorite fishery will be trying to spawn on these long, flat points in shallow water, and the bass are going to follow them.

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