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Get Your Greenhead On This Duck Season

Aug 26, 2016 - War Eagle boats are as much about getting hunters to that “honey hole” of a spot to shoot some ducks as they are about transporting anglers to that hidden cove where monster bass await.

War Eagle is proud to be from Arkansas, and we’ll proclaim unapologetically that we hail from the duck hunting capital of the world. The flooded green timber of east Arkansas lies in the heart of the Mississippi Delta Flyway, and hunters from across the country -- and even the globe -- converge on east central Arkansas each year to fill their limits.

Another Arkansas outfit, Greenhead, produces a superb duck hunting annual that serves as both a primer and a guide for hunters biding their time for duck season. Check it out here.

This year’s 2016-17 edition recently hit the newsstands. Here’s an excerpt from Greenhead’s “Duck Camp State of Mind”:

Duck hunting, to the outsider looking in, appears to be as simple as finding a puddle of water, throwing out a couple of decoys and blasting away at whatever comes into shotgun range. Cold, wet, miserable, potentially boring … who in their right mind would be subjected to the torture? Who would spend an entire weekend away from the contemporary comforts of their suburban home to eat and sleep in the backwoods equivalent of a fraternity house?

Easy answer. Regardless of age or experience, waterfowlers will beg, borrow and steal for an opportunity to be at duck camp. We can justify just about any reason to make a trip down to camp. When the season is open, there is a have-to-be-there-if-at-all-possible effort. Ducks or no ducks, waterfowlers will find a way and an excuse. The off-season even generates a few visits. From the simple, mundane tasks to the large camp projects that require all helpful hands to be in attendance, any chance a duck hunter can have to load up the truck and head that way brings a smile to the face.

Good stuff. And for those interested in visiting the duck mecca of Arkansas, all the dates can be found right here.

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