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3 great tips for hunting geese

Sep 26, 2016 - With the waterfowl season upon us,we know that you’re itching to get out on the water in your War Eagle boat. Ducks.org has collected some tips from top professionals to help maximize your waterfowl experience, and keep your prey - whether ducks or geese - from escaping your sites.

Spread out your decoys for best results.

"I have used everything from 'shoveled-dirt' decoys to mounted birds. They all work! But they all work better when you spread the decoys out. I constantly see guys put decoys practically on top of each other and watch the birds hover and not finish because there wasn't enough room to land..... Ten years ago, I started spreading my decoys two large steps apart, approximately six feet. That immediately produced dramatically better results. Today I put my decoys five large steps apart and the results are even better." —Sean Mann, Trappe, Maryland seanmann.com

Stay still and keep your head down.

“One important factor for everybody in the blind is to keep perfectly still—no movement until the shot is called... One of the golden rules is that if you can see the geese, they can see you better; so keep still and don't move. I promise you that this simple bit of discipline in the blind will help you put more geese in your decoy spread." —John Taylor, Quantico, Maryland baycountrycalls.com

Keep the calls simple.

"It doesn't take a bunch of fancy notes and crazy sounds to call in Canada geese. It doesn't matter if you are a cham... Learn how to call with a lot of volume, but also learn how to call softer. Every day and every hunting situation is different. Basically, call like a live goose that is communicating with other live birds in the air. Sound like a goose, and think like a goose!"—Sean Hammock, Stillwater, Minnesota prairieskyranch.com

Good luck on your hunt! See more tips.

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