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Winter Duck hunting strategies

Jan 11, 2017 - Weather in the South can seem pretty random and so far this winter hasn’t been any different. Here are some tips to help you whether you’re dealing with wind, rain, snow, fog and how each of these conditions can actually be used to your advantage hunting waterfowl. Wade bourne of Ducks.org talked to some professionals to get their tips.

Strong Winds

"Strong winds will definitely make ducks come in easier-but you have to be in the right spot," says Duane Kovarik of Ord, Nebraska. Kovarik sets up in small sheltered coves on the upwind side of the lake. He hunts either from his boat-blind or from the bank. "Look for where trees or a hill shelters the upwind side of a cove," he says. "When a hard wind is blowing, a calm shoreline is like a magnet. Passing ducks will see your decoys and often come in without circling."


"Fog can be a really good thing, but you have to be quiet and extra careful not to let ducks see you," says Jackie Van Cleave of Samburg, Tennessee. Another important factor in hunting in fog is staying still and being completely covered in the blind. "Pull plenty of brush up around your shooting hole and be absolutely still," Van Cleave says. "Don't do any talking or moving around in the blind. On a foggy morning, any little noise will scare ducks. Just keep your eyes over the decoys and be ready.”

Full article and tips on other winter weather hazards.

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