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Late Season Deer: Tactics for River Bottom Success

Even during warmer weather, rain or shine, River Bottoms are a hotspot for hunters as they provide an easy habitat for deer and other game. But even during the harshest of winter months, large and small bucks alike will seek seek the shelter from both winds and snows that the riverside provides. Along with offering some protection from the elements, the fresh water and abundant flora will keep whitetail visiting River Bottoms all through the winter.  


Gerald Almy posted his tips to Basspro here. These are some highlights:


1. Still Hunt Along the Water’s Edge

Simply find a prime stretch of river with good habitat and fresh sign and then sneak carefully and slowly along the edge of it


2. Hunt River Crossings

You can often locate these crossings ahead of time. They’ll typically show up as riffles (squiggly lines) on topographic maps. These are the shallowest areas. Confirm there’s fresh sign, and set your stand on either side of the crossing, depending on wind direction.


3. Hunt Wooded Stretches, Watch the Wind

Get out before dawn, check conditions and choose a river that will let you crosscut or work into the wind as you sneak along it. If the flowage makes a sharp bend as you are hunting and the wind turns bad, jump across to the next stretch where it’s in your favor again.

Feb 9, 2017 -
Check out Almy’s full writeup and addition tips.

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