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Bass Fishing in unfamiliar waters

We all have our favorite fishing holes and home lakes that we take our boats out again and again. But sometimes, there's no better feeling than having a successful catch in new waters. It can be difficult trying out lakes for the first time, but here are some tips to help you find a method to the madness.  

Feb 16, 2017 -  

The timing of the spawn and post spawn, usually coinciding with springtime, also determines what kind of tactics anglers need to catch bass whether it’s shallow, mid, or deep waters.


For anglers who desire to fish areas that they’ve never have been before, figuring out the pattern the bass are on can be the difference between having a successful outing and going home empty handed.


Kevin Vandam, considered one of the best bass fishers in the world, and other pros shared their tips with gameandfishmag.com on exploring new waters:


“I try to find the biggest flats, bays, banks and protected pockets, anything with a north bank that warms up first. The spawn usually starts first at those places.”


Another well known professional, Ish Monroe, shares how he decides where to fish on a new lake:  


“I go straight to my electronic maps...You just need to know locations of bottom structure and water depths so you’ll know where baitfish and bass are gonna be.”

Good luck casting out into new waters. More tips from the pros here.

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