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From Duck Hunting to Crappie Fishing with Jeff McCoy - Part 1: From Duck Hunting to Crappie Fishing

Oct 22, 2013 - Jeff McCoy, the assistant chief of police in Trenton, Tenn., has owned two War Eagle Boats and is preparing to purchase his third boat this year. This 5-part Q-and-A with McCoy will examine how McCoy’s boat needs change as his life does.

War Eagle: Jeff, how long have you been fishing out of a boat?

McCoy: I've been fishing and hunting from a boat for 7 years. I fish local Crappie Masters tournaments and Crappie USA tournaments.

War Eagle: Why did you purchase your first War Eagle boat?

McCoy: I had a buddy who owned a War Eagle boat, and we duck hunted out of his boat for 2 years. I saw how tough the boat was, and how you could run it through places you couldn't run other boats. So, 2 years after I started duck hunting with my buddy in his boat, I decided to buy one for myself.

War Eagle: So, you bought your first War Eagle boat primarily for duck hunting. Is that right?

McCoy: No. I like to fish as well as hunt, and I saw that I could have a duck boat and a fishing boat all wrapped up in one. Instead of having to buy a boat for fishing and a boat for duck hunting, I could buy a War Eagle boat and have the best of both worlds. I'm kind of hard on a boat when I'm duck hunting. I like to hunt standing timber, so I need a boat that's tough. But when I go fishing, I want a deep and roomy boat so I can stand up and fish out of it.

War Eagle: Where do you duck hunt?

McCoy: We have 800 acres off Highway 152 right outside of Humbo, Tenn., but I also hunt Reelfoot Lake, which is about 1-hour away from my home, as well as the Tigrett Wildlife Management Area near Dyersburg, Tenn.

War Eagle: What model War Eagle was your first boat?

McCoy: I bought a War Eagle 1542. I thought that boat was the perfect boat for duck hunting. It wasn't too wide, and it had a gun box and the Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage pattern. That boat proved to be the perfect duck hunting boat for me, and I also could fish from it.

War Eagle: Why did you decide to sell your War Eagle 1542 and buy a new boat?

McCoy: I was bitten by the crappie bug. I wanted to get more involved in crappie fishing, but I didn't want to give up my duck hunting. I wanted features in a boat that made it more of a fishing boat than a duck-hunting boat. I wanted to run a bigger motor because I fish on Kentucky Lake, which is a huge lake, and I wanted to be able to get around the lake quicker and fish more spots in a day. So, I purchased a War Eagle 1754 with a 90-horsepower engine. It was a bigger boat than my 1542 and it could handle the big waters of Kentucky Lake and other big-water reservoirs much better than the smaller boat could.

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