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Delta Waterfowl CEO Spreads Conservation Good News Down Under

May 24, 2017 - Delta Waterfowl CEO Scott Petrie served as ambassador for waterfowl hunters on a recent trip to Australia.

Petrie delivered the keynote address at Field & Game Australia’s Conservation Through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference in Brisbane.

Australia’s waterfowl hunters face serious opposition from anti-hunting forces. Petrie said Australia has an even greater challenge dealing with people who don’t understand the role hunters play in conservation.

“It’s a very different world for waterfowl hunters in Australia,” he said. “Anti-waterfowl hunting sentiment is strong there. It’s amazing how much influence they have. They can often close down wetlands for the season.” 

Petrie spoke before about 180 attendees representing Australia, New Zealand and several other nations. He also spent time in the field with David McNabb, general manager of Field & Game Australia, Delta Waterfowl’s counterpart down under.

“It was nice to help FGA, and to help provide guidance on how to grow their organization and deal with anti-hunting,” Petrie said. “It was also great to spread the word about Delta and our conservation programs.”

McNabb said Australian hunters face ever-increasing opposition to hunting, especially duck hunting.

“Yet those same anti-hunters can’t demonstrate where they have contributed an extra hectare of critical wetland habitat, or nest boxes they’ve constructed, or predators they’ve eradicated,” he said. Read McNabb’s full commentary on the importance of Petrie’s visit. And read more on Petrie’s visit down under.

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