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For Serious Hunters, Summer Doesn’t Have to Be the Offseason

It’s a part of our natural inclination – summer ushers in flip flops, cool drinks, laid back outlooks.


And hunters kick back and dream of fall and the woods, or the timber, perhaps the open fields. But for those hunters who refuse to suffer through an “offseason,” there are options.


David Draper for Petersen’s Hunting provides a list of what he calls the best places to summer hunt. 


A sample:

Lucky for you, we’ve found a few places across the U.S. where openers come early or seasons never end at all. Most of these aren’t pushover hunts for baited exotics either, but real tests of woodsmanship where the outcome is far from certain.

From mountain hiking for horned animals to moonlight missions stalking hogs, this is high adventure. We’ve also got tests of long-range accuracy that can leave even the most deliberate of shooters with an empty brick of ammo and a burning barrel.

From deer on Maui (a long trip, granted) to flying carp – yes, flying carp – in Illinois, opportunity abounds in the summer. 


Read the full post here, but in the meantime, here’s the what and where:


Aug 2, 2017 -

  • California archery deer
  • Maui axis deer
  • Pennsylvania crows
  • Maryland woodchucks
  • Missouri squirrels
  • Illinois River Asian carp (for bowhunters)
  • Texas hogs
  • Florida gators (little g)
  • New Mexico prairie dogs
  • Arizona antelope jackrabbits

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