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‘The Book’ on Scoring Antlers

Sep 25, 2017 - Boone & Crockett, literally, wrote the book on scoring antlers, horns and skulls.

The group’s latest edition of “How to Score North American Big Game,” considered the benchmark for identifying big-game animals and populations, includes more than 100 new color illustrations and diagrams by noted wildlife artist and B&C Official Measurer Chris Lacey.

And let’s face it, deer season is right around the corner.

Considered a must-have for any big-game hunting camp, B&C’s official measurers manual also includes up-to-date scoring techniques with instructions for scoring all of B&C’s 38 recognized categories of big game.

A sample:

A must-have addition to the library of any hunter-conservationist, the latest edition of How to Score North American Big Game offers the most up-to-date scoring techniques with easy-to-follow instructions for scoring all 38 categories of North American big-game animals recognized by the Boone and Crockett Club with detailed explanations of the Club's records-keeping policies and procedures. In addition, the book delivers chapters on the Club's history and its records-keeping program. The new edition also includes an expanded chapter on category boundaries enhanced with detailed, full-color maps...

The paperback, spiral-bound, 224-page book is available for $34.95 online through B&C here

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