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Bowhunting Tips, with a Nod to Bowhunting Legend Fred Bear

Jun 7, 2017 - Fred Bear was an American icon. Considered the father of modern bowhunting in America, he founded Bear Archery Co. in his Detroit garage in 1933. By the time bowhunting began to catch on in the U.S. as a popular sport in the 1960s, Bear had already traveled the world promoting and teaching the sport.

Proper Fundamentals Critical for Wingshooters

May 10, 2017 - Lee McClellan of the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife has some pointers for you dove hunters. And while many of us are old dogs, it wouldn't hurt us to learn a few new tricks. Or rather, revisit some fundamental old ones.

Back to School for Duck Hunters

Apr 19, 2017 - Whether it’s hunting or any other skills-based endeavor, even the most seasoned veterans can benefit from a “back to basics” approach. As we lag through the offseason and dream about canopies of ducks, here’s some good advice from Ducks Unlimited that could help make this coming season a successful one.

Great Shot, Dempsey

Apr 5, 2017 - Are stories from the duck club sometimes better than the actual hunting? Well, maybe not better than the hunt itself, but some stories do indeed live on in infamy. Duck season remains baseball-and-football-seasons away, but here’s a story from a new online hunting news source, America Hunt, that captures the essence of duck hunting with friends.

Bass Fishing in unfamiliar waters

Feb 16, 2017 - We all have our favorite fishing holes and home lakes that we take our boats out again and again. But sometimes, there's no better feeling than having a successful catch in new waters. It can be difficult trying out lakes for the first time, but here are some tips to help you find a method to the madness.

Late Season Deer: Tactics for River Bottom Success

Feb 9, 2017 - Even during warmer weather, rain or shine, River Bottoms are a hotspot for hunters as they provide an easy habitat for deer and other game. But even during the harshest of winter months, large and small bucks alike will seek seek the shelter from both winds and snows that the riverside provides. Along with offering some protection from the elements, the fresh water and abundant flora will keep whitetail visiting River Bottoms all through the winter.

Small Lake Winter fishing: Advice and tips.

Jan 11, 2017 - While some anglers ignore smaller pools of water preferring the spanning thousand of acre inland sea, many are finding great success in smaller lakes whether they are parks, quarries, or even a backyard pond. Whether an acre to a hundred, these smaller bodies of water can provide the same diversity as their larger counterparts.

Winter Duck hunting strategies

Jan 11, 2017 - Weather in the South can seem pretty random and so far this winter hasn’t been any different. Here are some tips to help you whether you’re dealing with wind, rain, snow, fog and how each of these conditions can actually be used to your advantage hunting waterfowl. Wade bourne of Ducks.org talked to some professionals to get their tips.

Veteran Concealment Tips

Nov 30, 2016 - There’s really nothing worse than spending the time to get your War Eagle Boat to that perfect hunting spot, setting up your blind and waiting patiently in the chilly predawn hunt to leave unsatisfied and trophyless. Recently, Wade Bourne interviewed veteran hunters on concealment tips when hunting pesky waterfowl. Here is War Eagle Boats own president Mike Ward on using boat blinds and natural cover.